Monday, January 28, 2013

January empties

Hey guys.
Today I have a huge empties post for you I'm quite proud of myself I managed to finish 16 products this month ! I've also decided to change the way I do my empties posts, I'm now going to do them in sections and I'm going to tell you if I think its worth buying again. Let me know if you prefer them this way or the way I did them before.


Montagne Jeunesse facemasks

Chocolate masque-Repurchase - yes. 
Peel off passion - Repurchase - yes. 
Red hot earth sauna masque - Repurchase - maybe. 


Lush sweet christmas gift set (candy mountain bubble bar and rockstar soap) - Repurchase - hell yes!!

Johnson's baby lotion - Repurchase - probably not. 


Superdrug tea tree cleanser and toner - Repurchase - already have!

Balance me balancing face moisturizer (sample) - Repurchase - maybe. 

Tea tree cleansing facial wipes - Repurchase - maybe. 


ROXY perfume - Repurchase - I've had this forever i'd be surprised if they even still sell it!

Impulse romantic spark - Repurchase - Yes it's one of my favourite impulse smells. 


Benefit that gal primer (sample) - Repurchase - No it's so not worth the price tag!!

Essence brow gel - Repurchase - I bought this in Germany and I'm so sad I cant get in England but I will buy it again if I can get hold of it. 

MUA lipgloss shade 5 - Repurchase - I love these glosses and there so affordable.

Natural collection shine away foundation - This is kind of cheating as technically it isn't empty, but I just wanted to tell you guys how awful this is so I thought i'd include it !!!  


Superdrug oval and round cotton pads - Repurchase - I will always have some of these in my skincare box.

Palmolive soft and gentle aroma therapy lavender and ylang ylang deodorant - Repurchase - probably not.



  1. I used to love that Impulse spray when I was around 15, got through so many bottles of it! x

    1. Since blogging I use perfume most of the time but its always nice to have one of these in my school bag x

  2. I always have a bottle of Impulse banging around in my bag, the travel sized ones are so much handier (and cheaper) than bringing perfume with me :) & That scent is so nice!

    - Sho x

    1. There so handy and I always worry about carrying perfume incase the bottle breaks ! X


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