Friday, October 26, 2012

My top 5 autumn winter nail polish picks


Hey guys so this is my first proper post and its my top 5 autumn winter nail polishes hope you enjoy so lets get crackerlackin.

From left to right we have
Opi- Vampsterdam
Essence- Cafe Ole
Opi- Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine
Accessorize- Sapphire
Barry M- Gold Mine Glitter

1.Opi-Vampsterdam RRP-£11.00

This polish is from the holland collection 2012 it is a beautiful deep purple with silver shimmer running through it. I love everything about this polish the brush is amazing and I find I can coat my nail in 1 sweep there really is nothing bad to say about this polish!!!

2.Essence-Cafe Ole RRP 1 euro 55 cents about £1

This polish is a beautiful browny nude (althought its showing up pink in the photo). For the price it is this polish is such amazing quality, it dries im about two minuites and you only have to use 2 thin coats in order to get the right amount of sheerness. I like to have a nude in most of my little season favorites because i find them so versitile unfortunatly you cannot purchase essence in the uk :'( but im sure you can purchase them through ebay.

3.Opi-Nein Nien Nien ok fine (mini)  RRP Full size £11.00 Mini about £3.20 set of 4 £12.95 (john lewis)

The colour of this polish is just beaut its a greeny gray and is completly matt the picture does definitaly not do it justice! I love the colour of this polish but what puts me of using it is the brush, the opi minis have the same brush as the regular sized bottles but its just smaller, way to small!!! You can only collect enough polish on this to cover half the nail and it takes forever to paint all you nails with it. Dont get me wrong i still love it I just think opi need to work on the brush.


4.Accessorize-Sapphire RRP £4.00

I cannot rave more about this polish it literally is 1 coat and it just amazes me it is completly full coverage in 1 not to thick coat. Ilove this colour it is very similar to vampsterdam apart from its blue instead of purple its so shimery and beautiful its a very deep blue and it kind of reminds me of a lake thats in a fairy tale. I have no complaints about this polish at all and its such good value for money.

5.BarryM-Gold mine glitter RRP £2.99

The last polish i have to review today is Barry M gold mine glitter this is a light black based gold glitter it is packed full of glitter particles and gives pretty good coverage with 2 coats. This polish kind of reminds me of a gel polish as the black is quite sheer. This polish looks great on its own but i wouldnt recommend to layer its as the black is clearly obvious, this polish is really nice and the brush is a nice shape. I think this is a very good budget polish and is great as it gets nearer to christmas time.

from thumb to little finger
Opi Vampsterdam
Essence cafe ole
Opi Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine
Accessorize Sapphire
Barry M Gold mine glitter
i really hope you enjoyed this post sorry about it being so long hope you have a lovely week cole xoxox
ps; im going to the east coast tomorrow so there wont be any posts until a week tomorrow i will hopefully be taking lots of pictures and will probaly do a couple of ootd's when i get back :)


  1. that first opi one looks beautiful! :)

    I nominated you for the Liebster and Versatile Blogger Award on my blog so check it out for details :)

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog:) you have a lovely one!

  3. My mini Vampsterdam must be faulty - it took me 3 coats to make it look decent today! Thanks for following my blog, really like yours :) xx

  4. ive heard so many good things about OPI but im scared of the price tag! i love the colours you picked though :)

    Also, i'm running an american apparel / topshop / urban outfitters / forever 21 giveaway on my blog if you're interested xxx

  5. I agree with you about the mini Opi brushes - they are tiny and it takes forever!! You have to be quick too so the first half hasn't dried by the time you get the second half on!! My favourite colour by far out of these is the Essence one - that is the perfect nude!!! xx

    1. It's defenetaly the perfect nude it's o annoying that I can't get them in England !! Xx

  6. Hi hun.

    I saw you entered my blog giveaway a couple of weeks ago, but I finally managed to get the rafflecopter working so if you'd like to enter that way that would be brilliant please.

    Got three lovely hair treats to be in with the chance of winning, so have a look :)



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