Sunday, October 25, 2020

Brands I want to try more from.

Once again its been a while, I honestly don't know why I keep neglecting my blog but I have just been so insanely busy lately. However I have decided I need to take out more time for myself and the thin gs I love. One of those being blogging so I am hopefully back, I honestly have so many ideas I didn't know where to start so I just picked a random post and started writing. So without further ado here is my first post back!

There are honestly so many brands right now that I am either lusting over or wanting to try more from so today I thought I would share with you some of the brands I want to try more products from. 

Dior - I have only tried the forever foundation range from Dior and I really enjoy both the formulas, especially the glowy one. In terms of products I have my eye one, Id love to try the backstage range. I've heard fabulous things about the foundation as well as the face and eye palettes which all look absolutely stunning. 

Anastasia Beverly hills - I have tried a billion Anastasia eyeshadow palettes, but other than the bronzer which is fairly new to my collection I haven't tried anything else from the brand. Products I want to try include the luminous foundation, the dewy setting spray and the eyeshadow primer all of which I've heard amazing things about.  

Fenty Beauty - I absolutely love the gloss bombs and the bronzer, I must admit I don't love the hydrating foundation. This being said there is so much I want to try from the brand, I've heard amazing things about the shade sticks and the matte lipsticks as well as the concealers. 

Charlotte Tilbury - I've tried very little from Charlotte Tilbury, but I am currently obsessed with the Hollywood flawless filter for under my foundation. I have also tried the magic foundation and the lip liner in Pillow talk both of which I really enjoy. Products I'd love to give a go include the new bronzers and the cheek to chic blushes which look so incredibly beautiful on everyone I've seen use them. 

Chanel - I have actually only tried one product from Chanel and that is one of their beautiful velvet lipsticks. To me Chanel is just so luxurious in packaging an I've heard great things about their formulas. Products I would like to try include, the bronze universal which I've honestly wanted for about 8 years and their foundations which I have heard fabulous things about. 

P Louise - The P Louise base is honestly one of my favourite shadow primers of all time. Apart from the bases, which I have in about 10 shades I haven't ever tried anything else from the brand. Products I really want to give a go are their eyeshadow palettes which I feel like I am seeing all over Instagram at the moment and their recently launched brow range which looks absolutely amazing.  

Suva Beauty - The final brand in today's line up is Suva of which I have only tried the Hydra FX liners which are honestly one of my favourite products in my collection right now. Products I want to try include their matte liquid lipsticks which I've heard fabulous things about from Beauty news and the eyeshadow palettes which look fabulous. I did also want to mention the new Hydra FX palettes however I feel like that is slightly cheating as I have already tried the formula. 

So that's it for today's post, I'd love to know what brands you are looking to try more from. 


  1. I want to try more Fenty and Charlotte Tilbury too! And NARS would be on my list too! Glad to see you back blogging! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 


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