Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Fabulous products of the month - July

Hi guys and welcome back.
Today I thought I would talk about all the products I have loved over the past couple of months, this is definitely going to be bigger than a standard favourites due to the fact that I haven't thought about my favourites in such a long time due to not blogging and filming. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter - 
This has without doubt  been my absolute favourite of the time I've had off from blogging, why did no one tell me how absolutely incredible this product is. I have the driest skin ever so having something this beautifully glowy under the foundation makes me look actually healthy! 

Nars Natural radiant longwear foundation - 
Bet you can't guess what type of finish this one has... If you guessed glowy congrats you win nothing! I am constantly on the hunt to better my foundation collection and I am really happy with this addition despite being glowy it is amazingly full coverage and builds beautifully without caking round dry spots. I almost feel like this is the sheer glow for grownups. 

Dior Forever skin glow foundation - 
Again another glowy base, this one has a little less coverage than the Nars coming in a a more medium to buildable. Like the Nars one this doesn't cake or cling when built up however it is a little more luminous. I also find that despite this shade being the first warm shade it is too dark and too yellow toned for me when i dont hav any fake tam on and am living my best Caspar the ghost fantasy. 

Urban Decay stay Naked powder -
If you'd have told me three years ago I'd be putting a pressed powder into my favourites I would have never believed you. I have realized that powder does have it's merits even on Sahara dry skin like mine. I use this to set under the eyes and the nose to stop my makeup moving and to prevent the transfer of mascara from my bottom lashes to my undereye which is my biggest annoyance when we are talking makeup. This has a little coverage and just smooths and sets the skin beautifully without adding too much and making your face a cakey dry mess. 

Glossier Cloud paints - 
I have had these in my collection for such a long time however I have never consistently reached for them until the last couple of months. I've been particularly enjoying the shade Dusk which is a beautifully brown toned peach which works with just about any eye look. I love to apply these with a stippling brush as this applies them seamlessly and helps them to look more natural. 

P Louise Base'ic bases - 
Now I do love these products as bases however this isn't the reason they have made into my favourites this month. The reason I love them is to use in the water line. I've been on the hunt for some super high pigment pastels and these really fit the bill. I've never had any sort of irritation from using these in the waterline and once they're on they are stuck fast and are going to be super all day no matter if you are part of the watery eye club or not. 

Huda Beauty Matte and metal paints and Stila Suede and Glitter and glow liquid duo -
If you are a lover of cutting the crease you need both of these products in your life, the Huda shimmer side is more of a full pigment liquid shimmer shadow whilst the Stila is a glitter topper type product however that is probably the only super obvious difference. In terms of lasting power these are really amazing even on my oily lids. I definitely always want to use a separate brush to apply however if you don't want to you don't need to I just prefer the extra preciseness (Is this a word?)

Kaleidos Futurism palettes - 
If you haven't tried Kaleidos shadows you need to get round to it and try them as they are absolutely gorgeous. They blend so beautifully and are just incredibly easy to work with. The pigmentation, especially of the metallics is so intense but can be sheered out if that is the look you want from it. Although the palette featured in the photos is the sci-fi green palette I absolutely love all five of the futurism collection. 

Linda Halberg Spectral palette -
So it isn't hard to tell that i'm currently completely obsessed with pastels and the Spectral palette is the most beautiful mixed pastel palette. I feel like currently the large amount of pastel palettes are focused on one colour so I love the fact that this is mixed. The formula is absolutely beautiful. Even the deep purple, which can often be hard to work with is beautiful.

Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb - 
I am obsessed with gloss right now and the Fenty glosses are by far my favourite, they're incredibly comfortable, super pigmented and smell absolutely incredible. They aren't sticky at all, meaning there isn't any sticking of the hair like some glosses we used to use; I'm looking at you Lancome juicy tubes. The only thing I would change about these glosses is an extension to the shade range in some super beautiful bright colours!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Where have I been? and what's going to happen with Coleoftheball

The fact I ever felt like I could deal with third year of university, two part time jobs and a blog is quite frankly laughable. However I'm done now, thanks to corona I've found myself one job down and University is completely over minus graduation currently. I cant even begin to describe how heartbroken I am that I've lost the last six months of my university experience however unfortunately it's just the way the cookie crumbles. That being said exams are done and I am so incredibly proud of myself for pulling off a 2:1. I cannot honestly begin to tell you how excited I was when I opened my grade, I had to get my mum to check it for me to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

I have honestly found myself really missing blogging and youtubing in general, but logging back on I can see it isn't what it used to be. That being said, part of that makes me a little happy. It seems more like the old blogging where there is no pressure. I'm not going to come on here today and say I'm going to be posting five times a week and uploading seventeen youtube videos a day however I'm hoping with everything that's going on right now and the fact I work behind a bar meaning i work random times, so im probably going to have days i am not in work till the evening and I can have the day to write and film I'm going to have some time to invest in getting back into blogging. I'm not going to limit myself to one particular genre, however we all know that I love my makeup and although my passion for blogging simmered out a little due to life my passion for makeup has never faded. 

It's going to take some getting used to and it seems to me there's a massive reduction in how many people are blogging as most seem to have moved over to youtube or just don't write in general anymore. I'm not here to make money I want to talk about whatever I want. I want to talk about slimming world and being disabled as well as makeup and if people don't like that, it's totally fine. I'm going back to the way I used to use my blog as my only little internet diary, chattering about whatever I want whenever I want. 

I hope you stick around and here's to the future of Coleoftheball.