Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The bronzing edit

It appears that the summer in the UK is well and truly over although we are being promised another heat wave. We will see if that happens, so since the rain is awful at the moment I thought I would bring a little sunshine in to todays post. I thought I would talk about all of my favourite bronzers. I love bronzer and although I'm a pale casper the ghost look alike however I love a pretty deep bronzer considering my complexion. This being said all the products mentioned can be used super lightly if you aren't a big bronzer person. 

Bourjois Delice de Poudre in 52 - This is such a cult classic, I know a lot of people tend to go for 51 however I find 52 just gives me the warmth that I want. This is meant to smell like chocolate which personally I don't smell but it is quite perfumed so something to consider if you aren't a fan of powder products with scents. 

Urban Decay Beached bronzer in Bronzed - I don't really hear anything about this product and I really don't understand why as its such a gorgeous bronzer. They do have a lighter shade but as mentioned before I do prefer a darker bronze. This one doesn't contain any shimmer and is just the perfect mix of warm and neutral. 

Nars Laguna - This product does contain some slight shimmer however I really love the glow that this offers me. It is a pretty warm bronzer but I love it. This does require a little building as it does have some sheerness to it. However this makes the perfect bronzer for people who want to be introduced slowly. 

Mac Powder bronzer in Refined golden - Again another ever so slightly shimmery product, this is much more pigmented than Nars Laguna however. I adore this bronzer and its one of my favourites for when I'm fake tanned. That being said I can wear this when I'm at my palest I just need to be a little more gentle. 

NYX Matte bronzer in light - If you don't like pink toned bronzers you're most definitely going to hate this one as it's very very warm. I love to use this when I'm pale but still want the warmth. I also love to reach for this one as a blush when I'm darker as it adds a beautiful bronzey blush. 

Clarins summer 2019 bronzer in 02 - This years summer release from Clarins included two shades of their iconic summer bronzer. I decided on the darker of the two as the the lighter shade had a blush and a very light powder as well as the bronzer whereas the darker shade has three bronzer shades. this is a beautiful cooler toned bronze and is perfect for someone who feels they need to be a little more careful or someone that doesn't love a warm bronzer. 

Too faced chocolate bronzer - Another cult classic this is the original bronzer shade from Too faced and I love it. Not only does it actually smell like chocolate (take note Bourjois). It's just the perfect neutral bronzer shade which can be built up or used super subtly. This one is completely matte but somehow still manages to offer some luminescence to the skin.

Benefit Hoola - The final of the cult classic bronzers we have Hoola which I feel like everyone has in their collection. This one has a slightly warmer undertone than the too faced however is still pretty neutral on the scale. I feel like the reason Hoola is so loved is it looks so good on a lot of skin tones - unless you are on the much deeper side however they have recently expanded the range. I definitely need to get my hands on the caramel shade as it looks like the perfect super fresh tan bronzer. 

Maybelline City bronzer in Medium warm - This is such a bargain I am honestly not sure I would be able to tell the difference between this and a higher end formula. This is a warmer shade however I think there's either three or four shades so you can go for the undertone you prefer. I also have deep cool however I find I prefer the undertone of this one. 

Barry M Staycation Bronzer palette - This has two very different bronze shades in it, one very warm with shimmer and the other very cool and matte. I personally really enjoy the shade when they're both  mixed together as its a beautiful warm shade which adds a stunning glow to the skin. Definitely one of my favourite bronzers. 

Bourjois Delice de poudre, UD Beached, Nars Laguna, Mac Refined Golden. NYX Light, Clarins summer 2019, Too faced Chocolate, Benefit Hoola, Maybelline medium warm, Barry M Staycation. 


  1. I am definitely more of a bronzer person than a blusher and I usually always end up going back to Hoola x

  2. Although really pale, I have been using Benefit Hoola so much recently! With a light hand I think it can look so beautiful on the skin! x

    Jordan Alice

  3. Laguna is the only bronzer I really use x

  4. love this! barry m staycation is gorgeous

  5. I actually totally used up this Urban Decay bronzer - it's so good! I'm currently in love my Fenty one :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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