Monday, August 05, 2019

Recent faves and where have I been?

If you told me I was going to take a four month blog break I wouldn't have believed you but it happened. I felt like I had lost my passion and I was really struggling with ideas. I just couldn't seem to get my mojo back and I didn't want to throw out sup par posts that you guys just weren't going to enjoy. I didn't expect the break to last as long as it did however I'm back and I have a head full of ideas for both my blog and my youtube channel. Since I've been gone for four months I thought I would share with you some of the products I've been loving recently. Don't get me wrong this is in no way everything I've loved in the past four months it's a select few that I've really loved. 

Smashbox Primerizer - This is actually my second bottle of this stuff and I honestly cannot get enough of it. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know about my super dry skin. Lets face it I go on about it a lot ahaha. This is a beautiful super hydrating primer which just seems to work so beautifully with any foundation. I would 110% recommend this to anyone with either dry or normal skin. 

IT cosmetics Bye bye under eye - I love a good high coverage under eye concealer as I have super dark under eyes. Don't get me wrong this is thick but the coverage is so worth it. I do find I have to set it as otherwise it does tend to settle and crease however it copes with any kind of powder and doesn't look dry once it is set. I find it lasts so incredibly on my skin and doesn't emphasise any dryness. If you are on the lookout for a high coverage concealer then you need this one. 

NYX Control freak brow gel - Is this the most boring product I've mentioned in a favourites, potentially however it's bloody incredible. My brows are so unruly so I need a brow gel that really locks them in place. I tend to have issues with clear brow gels as my brows are so dark however this one is really lovely and doesn't have any white cast like so many clear brow gels do. 

Smashbox Lid primer in White - Another super boring product but one I have been completely obsessed with lately. I previously had the shade light but when I went to repurchase I decided to go for the white shade as I wear a lot of super bright shadows and it's just taken the product from one I enjoy to one I absolutely love. If you have oily lids the smash box lid primers are the best

Benefit Rockateur - Finally something a little more interesting. I love this blush its a beautiful shimmery deep pink shade and it just gives the cheeks the healthiest glow. I love wearing this even when I go for a very minimal no foundation face as it just adds a little something to the cheeks. If you love benefit blushes or if you've never tried them before you need this shade as its so pretty 

Elf Metallic flare highlighter in white gold - I was so excited when I saw this in my local boots as I absolutely loved the look of them when they first came out. This is such a beautiful pale champagne shade and works for me whether I've got no tan on at all and am my natural pale self but also still looks amazing when I have full fake tan on. I also love the fact the texture is slightly gel like. It isn't the worlds most intense highlight but can be built up to a really beautiful metallic finish. 

Certifeye Affinity two - This palette is so stunning, I've been loving blues and greens at the moment as I find they really make my eyes pop. The certifeye shadows are the most stunning quality, they blend like a dream and are so beautifully pigmented. The duo chromes are so gorgeous and reflective and I also love the fact by buying this palette I'm supporting a UK based indie brand. 

So that's it for my recent favourites, I'd love to know what you've been loving recently. 


  1. Those green shades look incredible!! Hope you're able to find your mojo again x
    Amber |

  2. Those green shades really do pop out of that palette and welcome back, sometimes a break is a good idea x

  3. I definitely want to try that primer x

  4. This concealer is so good! I use it everyday xx


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