Thursday, October 04, 2018

Imogenation X Makeup revolution

Revolution have been bringing out some incredible collaboration palettes at the moment. Imogen is one of the happiest gals on youtube I swear. It doesn't matter how down I'm feeling her videos never fail to cheer me up. When I hear she was bringing out a collection with Revolution I knew I had to have it. I'm yet to be able to find the face palette in stores so I haven't picked that up yet but when I saw they had one palette left I grabbed it. 

I love the set up of this palette, I always get through transition shades before I finish any other shade so to have them as double pans I think is genius. I also love that there is a vary of transition shades and not just one. The theme of the palettes is so me with the orange and pink tones. I do understand that some people are over the warm tones but I still love them and I think this palette offers the perfect variety of shades. I feel like this palette would be excellent for beginners due to the wide shade range and how affordable it is. 

The packaging is a beautiful lilac iridescent finish which looks so pretty and it has a huge really fab quality mirror. Moving onto the actual shadows the metallics are stunning. I do find that the baby blue shade looks better wet and so do a few more of the lighter shades just to make them really pop. The deeper shimmers look amazing even when they aren't wet. Although I love to wet them just to give an even more beautiful metallic finish. 

As with all revolution mattes they blend like an absolute dream. They are super pigmented, meaning there is quite a bit of fallout however that's not something that has ever bothered me. I love the red and orange shades and I have been getting so much use out of them. I feel like over this palette there is just a good simple range or shades. So without further ado lets do a deep dive into the shades. 

Angel - A basic champagne shimmer 
Butterfly - A stunning icy baby blue metallic
2Nice - The medium transition shade, a basic tan matte
Forever friend - A beautiful baby pink metallic
Huns - A deeper more yellow toned champagne shimmer
Honeybee - A orange toned mustard yellow matte
Shoppy - A very yellow toned medium brown
Lovin life - The lightest of the four transition shades, a peachy matte 
Babygirl - A duochrome orange/pink shimmer
Raise N Praise - A deep cranberry shimmer

Mills - The deeper version of honeybee with a touch more orange 
Imagine - A mauve toned brown matte
OKKKKK - A medium ever so slightly cool toned matte brown 
Pinky promise - A mauvey pink matte
Berry blast - A deep cranberry matte
You know - My favourite shade in the palette, a orange toned red
Get to know - A very warm toned terracotta brown
Sorry not sorry - The deepest of the big transition shades, a yellow toned matte brown 
Trying it - A cranberry toned brown 
Limo - A deep matte black

That's it for today, I'd love to know if you've tried this palette and how you got on with it. 


  1. Omg this looks stunning! Their palettes are always so pigmented too xx

  2. Oh this palette looks great and yes! What a fabulous collaboration yet again!

    The metallic shadows have immediately captured my heart because they are so beautiful! The double pans for transition shades is an incredible idea and even the matte shades look like they have pigmentation aplenty. Love the idea of using them wet too, I always forget to try that with my eyeshadows so thank you for the reminder. Gorgeous packaging too. I bet the face palette is so good too!

    Lovely post!

    Hanna x | Bloglovin' <3

  3. There are some really lovely shades on this palette, I love the nude shades x

  4. I love the look of the warm shades. I wasn't overly excited about this collaboration but I like the look of the Emily Edit one.

  5. I really like this. The warm shades in particular. X

  6. Oh wow that is SO pretty! The shades are stunning

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. The shades in this palette look so lovely, so many wearable colours!

    Danielle xx

  8. I LOVE the look of this palette x

  9. This palette looks so pretty. I love that they collaborate with different youtubers too x

  10. Oooo what a nice palette. The shades aren't too bad either, especially the shimmer ones.

  11. You're the best Pinky xoxo


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