Sunday, August 05, 2018

Why I love blush and you should to

I feel like blush is a super controversial thing in the blogging community, some people love it, some people hate it. I personally love it and I wanted to talk about a few of my favourites and why I love it so much. 

For me blush gives me such a healthy look, being super pale I feel like it really adds something, however I feel like blush looks beautiful on any skin tone. Without it I feel completely flat faced and 2D. I feel like a little shimmer in a blush helps even further to make the skin healthy however I am very careful with shimmery blush as it can go too far and be sparkly. I do tend to prefer a higher end blush, that being said there are a few gems from the drugstore. So without further ado lets get into my favourites. 

Starting off with the more affordable, I love Milani luminoso which is a beautiful shimmery peachy shade. I need to try more shades from this range as I love how glowy and healthy they look on the skin. I actually also love the Essence matte and satin blushes. They're such high quality for the price and come in a really nice range of shades, nothing too out there but a nice range for everyday. Moving onto the higher end products the Clinique cheek pops are absolutely beautiful, the shade above is Berry pop which is a beautiful deep pink shade. These feel slightly creamy yet apply like a powder. I also love the pressing in the pan. I mean who would not want a blush in the shape of a daisy. This is another one I need to buy more shades of. 

Benefit blushes are always beautiful but my favourite currently is gold rush which is a beautiful peach with a quite heavy gold sheen. This for me is the perfect everyday luminous blush which just makes you look so healthy. It also an amazing blush for a super heavy eye look if you don't want anything to clash. The Mac blushes are a classic and a staple for many. Fleur power is a really pretty medium pink shade. I love the fact Mac blushes aren't too pigmented so they are a little harder to go overboard with. I just thing this shade is a really lovely classic blush shade. Finally I wanted to mention Urban decay's Afterglow blushes, the shade above is indecent which is a gorgeous muted neon peach. Again this is another shade thats amazing to go with a super heavy eye look. 

Gold rush, Luminoso, Indecent, Berry pop, Fleur power

So that's it for today I'd love to know how you all feel about blush and if you love it what is your favourite. 


  1. I love adding blusher to the cheeks - it gives such a natural looking healthy glow. Love the shades that you have, especially Luminoso!
    Amber |

  2. I'm not a blush kind of person but I do love contour x

  3. I LOVE blush, it is one thing I never grow tired of buying and using, I love a mauve shade though, I really want one of the Clinique ones!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I love a pop of blush. I've not been feeling great recently but a soft pink flush to the cheeks really helps hide this. I just bought another tube of the Glossier Cloud Paint.

    Roxie |

  5. I’m definitely not a blush girl, I’m more for the bronzer and a light one at that x

  6. Oh I'm a pro-blush! I think it can even give a better finish to bronzer, and I haven't met a girl who doesn't look great with it. Great recommendations too!


  7. I cant't live without blusher either!

  8. I look like a zombie without blush!

  9. I love the sound of gold rush I love Benefit blushers too x

  10. Ahh I am obsessed with blush! Can't go without it!

    x Lisa |

  11. I love the Benefit blushers but yet to try the gold rush! x

  12. I have only just found a new love for blush and I am now obsessed with it!

    Danielle xx

  13. I have never always been a fan of blush but I love it now. The Milani blushes are now faves of mine x

  14. Milani & Pixi do some of my favourite blushers!


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