Sunday, April 15, 2018

This month I loved - March

March was a weird month, with a birthday, the easter holidays and an operation I didn't end up trying many beauty products at all. However I did have a couple of things I wanted to mention and I definitely didn't want to break my promise of a monthly favourites. So here we are a very late and very little March favourites. 

First off I wanted to mention a book which I really loved this month. Some of you may know I am actually at university studying forensics so I was very intrigued by Val McDermid's book. Forensics The anatomy of crime. McDermid normally writes fiction but spoke to various experts in the field of forensics creating a clear non-fiction piece explain both the importance and the incredible scientific knowledge in various fields in the forensics domain. I feel like even if you aren't studying something forensics related or it's your job area  a lot of true crime and crime fiction would enjoying finding a little more out about various types of evidence and how even the tiniest fragment of bone can be used to solve a case. 

Moving onto the beauty bits I had to mention the Revolution Conceal and define concealer which is everywhere at the moment. Now I've never tried shape tape so cannot compare the two however whether it is a dupe or not I've been getting on really well with this product. I have the shade C1 which is the lightest shade and is actually a tiny bit too light for my skin tone, so I will be picking up C2 next time I see it in stock. This is a medium to high coverage product with a very slight satin finish meaning it doesn't look super caked on my dry skin. It sits beautifully on initial application and throughout the day only sinks very very minimally into dry patches which is a huge bonus for me. 

I have to say when it comes to face brushes I don't really have much of an opinion however I got the Real techniques Blush crush brush in 303 and I am absolutely obsessed with applying my highlight with this brush. Now this definitely isn't a technique for those who don't want a bright highlight however if that's what you want then this product is incredible. It packs highlight on so it looks blinding but also helps to blur any texture as the product is being packed instead of dusted onto the skin. 

Speaking of highlight I have recently rediscovered the Ofra x Nikkie tutorials highlight in Everglow. I tend to reach for the white shade however add a little of the medium shade to move it from a more icy shade to a slightly more champagne shade. This is very bright and can look textured if I'm not careful where I apply it. I know they now sell these shades separately which is why I mentioned them however I'm not sure you can still get it with all three shades in one pan. 

My eyeshadow palette favourite this month was a toss up between this palette and the Anastasia Soft glam however I think I've actually used this one a little more. The palette in question is the Lime crime Venus XL which for me is like Anastasia MR extension. If you love pink shades on the eyes you need this palette in your life. The mattes don't swatch brilliant however on the eyes they blend amazingly. I tend to reach for a setting spray to wet the shimmer shadows to give them more of a metallic effect however they work beautifully without any setting spray. The only thing I wish this palette had is a shimmery white/cream shade for my brow bone however other than that I feel like it has everything. 

Bottom to top - Tantalising taupe, highlight mixed, Triumph, Flora 
This months final favourite is the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in Tantalising taupe which is a super pale pink nude shade. These Maybelline lipsticks glide onto the lips and feel incredibly comfortable. This is just one of those lipsticks I know I can throw on and not have to be worried about it. It doesn't dry the lips out therefore sits nicely unlike a lot of very pale lip shades do. This isn't a long-lasting lip shade as it has the beautiful creamy texture however due to the nature of the colour I can actually reapply nicely without a mirror. 

So that's it for today, I'd love to know what your favourites have been recently. 


  1. That palette is utter perfection! It is so so pretty! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous!
    Amber |

  3. The Lime Crime palette is beyond stunning!

  4. That Ofra highlighter is my all time favourite! Think I'm going to invest in Glazed Donut and their new pink shade next.

  5. I have that book on my shelves! I’ve been meaning to read it for ages x

  6. I need that Venus palette in my life. It looks gorgeous

  7. Wow the Lime Crime palette is gorgeous x

  8. That palette, looks absolutely to die for!

    Danielle xx

  9. Soft glam is at the top of my wish list!

  10. The ofra hightlifjters are amazing aren't they. One of my favourites brands for highlighter x

  11. The eyeshadow palette is a beauty and that ofta highlighter is just stunning!

  12. Ooh now that is one pretty highlighter, and that palette too x

  13. The limecrime palette is gorgeous. Those shades are just so me x


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