Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Crazy bright lips - Where to spend and where to stop.

I am a big fan of weird lip colours, so today I thought I would talk you through some of the products I love and one that I don't love so much for a crazy coloured bright lip. 

Jeffree Star has a huge range of crazy coloured lipsticks and I love them. Two of my favourites are definitely Crocodile tears which is a gorgeous deep green and Blue velvet which is a stunning blue shade. These lipsticks are incredibly easy to wear and very comfortable on the lips. I find that they are very rarely streaky and are just one of my favourites for crazy lip colours. 

The Essence vibrant shock lipsticks are brilliant for if you are on a budget. The shade selection is very limited however if you want to try a crazy coloured lip then its a really good one to try. These are incredibly pigmented and sit comfortably they aren't quite as opaque as a liquid lip. These are definitely one I would recommend them if you were on a budget. 

The NYX Liquid suedes are a good choice if you do want something incredibly opaque but are on a budget. The only thing I worry about these is the that they don't set down completely matte, therefore there is always the risk that they are going to end up all over the face. They do set down to a slight satin finish and are long lasting it's just the initial glossiness. I love the shade Stone fox which is a grey toned brown and it's actually one I wear a lot. 

Unfortunately I don't really like the MUA velvets, which upsets me as they come in such a huge range of shades. They set down to a beautiful velvet finish so are amazing for photography and things however they are so incredibly dry. They are very uncomfortable which is such a shame as they are super affordable. 

That's it for today, I would love to know what your favourite bright lipsticks are! 


  1. I love the Nyx Liquid Suedes, I wore Stone Fox the other day and like couldn't get enough of it. I definitely have to try out those Essence lip colors!


  2. I love the formula of the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. - Amy X

  3. I couldn't pull any of these off! xx

  4. I love the brightly coloured lipsticks but I don't know whether I could ever be brave enough to wear one. I saw a gorgeous blue shade by NYX the other day that I am tempted by :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  5. This is one type of lipsticks I don't go near, they really freak me out for some reason! I wish I could pull them off :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. I’m not brave enough to try any of these colours! Xx

  7. im not a big fan of crazy lip colours, am a nude gal through and through! but my best friend is big into whacky lips...she absolutely LOVES jeffree star! to be fair, the staying power is insane!

    katie. xx

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I love bold and bright lips but I don’t think I’d suit these colours. You look amazing with blue lips though x

  9. Such a bright collection of colours, I don't find myself wearing them... but NYX do some amazing shades!

    Katie |

  10. Oh my some of those shades are insane, I don’t think I could pull any of them off though x

  11. I’ve never gone for brights but those blue shades! x

  12. These are all great shades, I don't think I would be brave enough but I do wear a bright pink or coral in the summer, I like Sweet Venom by MAC it's a nice bright coral xxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

  13. Wow these shades are so striking. X

  14. Ah I wish I could pull of this type of shade but I tend to stay clear of them! Bet they look amazing on you!!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  15. Wow love all these colours!! I need to try some as im never brave enough too! X


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